1st GMES and Africa Forum, 19 -23 November 2018, Libreville, Gabon

Live stream video of the launch of the GMES and Africa call for proposals

The African Union Commission is about to invite Proposals from interested and eligible African institutions for the implementation of the GMES & Africa Support Programme

The following specific objectives are targetted
  • Consolidating, extending and developing applications for the Water and Natural Resources and the Marine & Coastal Areas Services to adequately provide information to policymakers, scientists, businesses and the public on real time basis,
  • Strengthening regional and national capacities to generate and apply EO-based and in-situ information for Water and Natural Resources and the Marine & Coastal Areas Services,
  • Raising public awareness on the critical role of Earth Observation in sustainable development; and
  • Developing a framework for promoting intra-African collaboration and open access to data for Water and Natural Resources and the Marine & Coastal Areas Services.

The Global Monitoring for Environment and Security in Africa (GMES & Africa), is a joint initiative of the African Union Commission and the European Union, geared towards addressing the growing needs of African countries to access and use Earth Observation (EO) data for the implementation of sustainable development policies on the continent. The programme will promote a more sustainable management of natural resources by improving decision making process through the provision of additional pertinent information, and improve African policy-makers' and planners' capacities to design, implement, and monitor national, regional and continental policies, whilst promoting the sustainable management of natural resources through the use of EO data and derived information.