EU mobilises €82.5 million to strengthen cooperation with Africa in digital and space technology

In an article published on 21 december 2020 on its web site, EU announced €82.5 million for 6 projects under the Pan-Africa Programme to strengthen its cooperation with Africa in multiple sectors, support innovative usage of space applications... 

In the framework of the Pan-African Programme, 

The EU will allocate an additional €25 million to support the second phase of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security & Africa programme:  

  • During phase one of the project, worth €26.5 million between 2017-2021, efforts took place across 47 African countries to increase access and processing of data, for instance through capacity building, installation of stations and development of applications.  
  • The second phase (2022-2025) aims to support Regional Economic Communities, African governments, scientific communities and African citizens, effective use of Earth Observation data to contribute to sustainable management of natural resources and tackling climate change.  

The EU will also allocate: