Register to the OSS second round of Trainings for the 2021 first term

From January 13 to March 24, the GMES and Africa “land” Project in North Africa implements a series of regional distance Training on water and land management. 

As part of the implementation of the GMES & Africa OSS-North Africa project, three operational services are currently under development: 

  • Service 1 - Water Abstraction Surveillance, Monitoring and Assessment in Irrigated Areas.
  • Service 2 - Land Degradation Monitoring and Assessment.
  • Service 3 -Agriculture Seasonal Monitoring, Early Warning and Assessment.

The land degradation monitoring web service is accessible through the MISLAND platform (Monitoring Integrated Services for LANd Degradation), whereas the Water abstractions monitoring service and seasonal agriculture monitoring service are accessible through the MISBAR platform (Monitoring Integrated Services for Best Assessment for natural Resources).  

Along to those developments, the consortium has elaborated a capacity building plan consisting of a series of tele trainings on the use of the developed services, for the benefit of its partners and end-users. 

The first round of training was conducted in December 2020 with three training sessions on GMES services use (09th December 15th and 16th December 2020).  In this second round of training, a series of tele-workshops is dedicated to train the end-users of the GMES service. 

Each session includes theoretical sessions, followed by practical demonstrations.

The concept notes 

The registration links to the regional training:

    • Training on “Earth Observation for SDG 15.3.1 monitoring” – January 13th 2021
    • Training on “Earth Observation for monitoring vegetation degradation” – February  03rd   2021
    • Training on “Remote Sensing for assessment of vulnerability to degradation ” – February  24th   2021
    • Training on “MISLAND web-service and QGIS plugin – Final release” – March 10th  2021

    • Training 1: Characterization of irrigated areas on MISBAR using radar data (Sentinel-1), February 09th, 2021
    • Training 2: Characterization of cultivated areas on MISBAR from optical data (Sentinel-2), February 10th, 2021
    • Training 3: Monitoring of the water balance on MISBAR (Evapotranspiration), March 03rd, 2021.
    • Training 4: Monitoring agricultural production on MISBAR, March 23th, 2021
    • Training 5: Training on new MISBAR functionalities and restitution of MISBAR case studies, March 24th, 2021.

The G&A OSS led Consortium Training Programme for 2021.