Morocco calls for articles on results and applications of remote sensing data

The Royal Centre for Remote Sensing in Morocco annually publishes a scientific and technical review called "GEO OBSERVATEUR". The aim is to consolidate and communicate concrete results and lessons on the use of remotely sensed data and information to various socio economic sectors. Ultimately the information will be shared to decision makers, scientists and users at national, continental and international levels.

The GMES and Africa Programme uses remotely sensed data for marine and land applications in Africa. Hence, it is an opportunity for GMES and Africa experts at the African Union Commission and  GMES and Africa implementing centers (13 consortia) located in the five regions of Africa to participate in this publication. 

GEO OBSERVATEUR publishes articles on results of remotely sensed data for thematic applications such as: agriculture, environment, marine, disaster risk reduction, climate change etc. The article can also be a case study that shows state of the art in the use of remote sensing and geographical information systems in Africa and the Middle East.

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