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GMES and AFRICA Season's Greetings / Meilleurs Voeux

GMES & Africa's capacity development training workshop kick starts in Abidjan

AUC Awards Thirteen Consortia of Institutions to Implement the GMES and Africa Support Programme

GMES and AFRICA participates in the AfriCultuRes H2020 kick off meeting

Get trained to Radar Remote Sensing with ESA ECHOES in Space

Earth Observation for the growth of Blue Economy in Africa

Sentinel hub - 1 year free earth observation data

The Copernicus Research and User Support (RUS) Service portal

Earth Observation for the Africa We Want

ICT based tools of MESA transferred to GMES and Africa

Transforming land-based resource management: the role of GMES and Africa Support Programme

Join the Copernicus Academy and Relays Networks!

GMES & Africa contributes to awareness raising on applications of Space technologies

AUC kick started assessing grant applications for the GMES & Africa

GMES and Africa is one of the keynote speakers in Africa GIS 2017 Conference

Sentinel-2 cloudless mosaic: the first global (almost) cloud-free view of planet

GMES and Africa Draws Lessons from MESA Sustainability Meeting

GMES and AFRICA participates in the AMCOMET Africa Hydromet Forum 2017

A key governance pillar of GMES and Africa holds its inaugural ordinary session

Copernicus assists in monitoring risks and planning for response to marine pollution

A wealth of Copernicus training videos at your disposal

Administrative Agreement between DG DEVCO and JRC

A new Commissioner has been elected for HRST

GMES and Africa visits ESA-ESRIN

GMES and AFRICA participates in the conference “Space Solutions for Resilience in the Mediterranean”, Malta

G&A participates in the MESA 8th Technical Expert Meeting – TEM8

Recruitment of Assessors to evaluate the proposals received under the 2017 GMES & Africa Open Call for Proposals

Appel à Propositions Ouvert

Open Call for Proposals

Official Launching of the GMES & Africa Call for Proposals 2017

Live stream video of the launch of the GMES and Africa call for proposals

GMES & Africa participates in the MESA 2nd Policy Dialogue Workshop

GMES & Africa visits JRC

GMES & Africa visits EUMETSAT

GMES & Africa participates in 2nd MESA Forum, 24-28 April 2017

5th GMES & Africa Grants Information Meeting - Central Africa Region, Libreville-Gabon, 12-13 April 2017

4th GMES & Africa Grants Information Meeting - Northern Africa Region, Cairo-Egypt, 03-04 April 2017

3rd GMES & Africa Grants Information Meeting - Southern Africa Region, Harare-Zimbabwe, 15-16 Mar. 2017

Call for Entries – Competition for GMES and Africa Logo

2nd GMES & Africa Grants Information Meeting - Western Africa Region, Dakar-Senegal, 01-02 Mar. 2017

1st GMES & Africa Grants Information Meeting - Eastern Africa Region, Kigali-Rwanda, 17-18 Feb. 2017

GMES & Africa Kick-Off Meeting, Addis Ababa, 13-15 Feb. 2017