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GMES and Africa launches the continental Incubation Challenge 2021

Afrique : des experts préconisent la télédétection pour préserver les forêts

AUC Baseline Studies and Socioeconomic Benefits of Space in Africa

Université de Moundou : Atelier de formation aux outils de télédétection et SIG par le Consortium AGEOS

Save the date: upcoming 2021 OSFAC Virtual Meeting

21-22 June 2021, 2nd Joint Workshop of GMES and Africa Network of Universities

ICPAC Launches East Africa Hazards Watch

30 June 2021, Space Economy: Africa In Focus

Horizon Europe boosts EU-Africa cooperation in research & innovation

Kick off meeting of the European Space SMES using Copernicus data « SMES-AFRICA »

24-25 June, SASSCAL is to deliver a training on the WeMAST portal for end users

Portugal Space Webinar: The Atlantic Calls for Innovators using space data

Networking Friday with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)

10 & 11 June, High-Level Europe-Africa Forum on Earth Observation from Space

10 June 2021: WEkEO Online Webinar n.9 — Land Applications in WEkEO

Namibia Launches National Space Science and Technology Policy

14-17 June, GMES and Africa will organize online training on the use of CGMS statistical tool for yield forecasting

Deux nouveaux projets de la CICOS développent et étendent les services G&A

Ateliers régionaux GMES et l'Afrique: L' AGEOS et la CICOS organisent conjointement celui pour l'Afrique centrale

Un système d’alerte des forêts d’Afrique Centrale en cours de développement

L'Aventure spatiale en Afrique?

Turn your Challenges into Opportunities. Prof George Wiafe advises Start-ups in Earth Observation, Internet of Things and Open Source Technology

11 May, ITU Workshop: Satellite Data Analysis and Machine Learning Classification with QGIS

27-28 April 2021, RCMRD Open Day at Kampala

Women in Aerospace

The Networking Fridays: OECD's ongoing ocean economy measurement work

4-6 May 2021: MarCOSouth Services Stakeholder Workshop

Let's have a Glimpse into the African NewSpace Sector

Quelles ambitions spatiales pour l'Afrique?

Vers l'infini et au delà... l'Afrique, nouvel El Dorado de l'industrie spatiale

12 institutions africaines s'apprêtent à recevoir des eStations et seront formées à leur usage

Copernicus: On 20/04, Launch of the Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation

Guinée équatoriale : le projet GMES SEFAC, un outil d’aide à la politique nationale

Enhancing Access and Usage of Earth Observations in Environmental Decision-Making

GMES in Western Africa and the Youth

Networking Friday with GEO Blue Planet

A MOOC on the role of satellite Earth observation in ocean monitoring.

Wetlands management: Training on earth observation products validation and geoportal use

Discover the MarCoSouth services

Discover the EU international Partnerships Academy Podcast series on the European Space Programme

1st issue of the MOI-GMES East Africa Consortium newsletter

15 March 2021, Eumetsat held a manufacturer consultation on visualisation of MTG Africa data and products

Tunisia launched its first 100% home-made satellite

Discover the GMES and Africa Videos

Earth Observations data in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development - a booklet of GEO

EU industry: Commission takes action to improve synergies between civil, defence and space industries

The Open Cloud for Research Environments (OCRE) Project, an example to follow?

Space Positioning and Navigation in Africa

March 1st, Kick Off meeting of the EO Africa R&D Facility

G&A capacity building for youth in South Africa: the WeMast example

Le numérique peut-il sauver l'agriculture africaine ?

OSS Series of Regional trainings: The use of MISBAR platform for monitoring water balance in irrigated areas and for programming geo services

4 minutes to discover what is delivering University of Ghana in terms of GMES' marine and coastal services in Western Africa

Invitation to tenders for the maintenance and repair of the 188 MESA/PUMA 2015 receiving ground stations

Cartographie mondiale à très haute résolution des zones humides

CSSTE implements a 3-day Online Regional training on Flood Monitoring and Forecasting Modelling

Pourquoi les satellites de transmission ont (et continueront à avoir) un rôle vital en Afrique

Le Barrage de Samandéni au Burkina Faso inscrit sur la liste des sites Ramsar grâce au Projet GDZHAO

Les données de Copernicus aident à surveiller et à comprendre les impacts des plantations de palmiers à huile

Flash-back to November 24, the Launch of the EU4OceanObs Project

January 29th, Networking Friday thematic special session on Nanosatellites

Register to the OSS second round of Trainings for the 2021 first term

Le renforcement des capacités des jeunes en Afrique de l'Ouest par G&A: exemple du GDZHAO

Les Sciences spatiales, piliers du développement socio-économique de l’Afrique ?

Mauritanie : Atelier de restitution des services terrestres G&A pour l’Afrique du nord

2nd Newsletter of the RCMRD

Appel à Publication 2021 par le CRTS Maroc

Launch of Africa’s Development Dynamics 2021

EU mobilises €82.5 million to strengthen cooperation with Africa in digital and space technology

Appel à Expertise pour le développement d'un système d'alerte sur les forêts d'Afrique Centrale

The best wishes of the Programme Coordinator for 2021