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A google search returns many references that help to understand the origin of the Programme and how important this one is. 
The EU, AU, ESA and Copernicus sites, are obviously in the TOP10. However, some G&A funded Projects in Africa are now in the TOP20, led by RCMRD, SASSCAL... 
Interestingly, the search returns also pages of some online magazines, springer, futura...  

Other links of interest
  • AXIS - 
  • Panafgeo - - This project is aimed at reinforcing the capacity of African geological surveys and is implemented mainly by a consortium of 12 European Geological surveys and their European association – Eurogeosurveys (EGS). The work of the consortium is led by BRGM, the French Geological survey. In the implementation, the European partners work in close cooperation with their African counterparts and notably the Organisation of the African Geological Surveys.
  • Bragma: BRAGMA (Bridging Actions for GMES and Africa) was supported by the European Commission with co-funding under FP7 (Contract 284422). Within the context of the Space Track of the 8th Africa - EU Strategic Partnership (Science, Information Society, Space), BRAGMA, Bragma actions contributed to pave the way to the GMES and Africa Support Programme.  It specifically focused on organising Coordination and Thematic Expert Workshops; facilitating participation of pre-qualified African stakeholders at relevant events to ensure pan-African engagement; building a community, engaging with key stakeholders, establishing and connect networks, and disseminate information through the BRAGMA Portal, Online Forum and Newsletters. 


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