Space In Africa short quiz about some futures developments of space in Africa

In a series of 17 articles posted on its site, the online newspaper encompasses some of the challenges faced by this sector and sketches its future, locally, regionally and globally. Let's fall in with the game of questions and answers.

  1. Why EO is essential for Space Development in Africa
  2. Why cross-sectoral collaboration is vital for Earth Observation in Africa
  3. The importance of Earth Observation in policy development across Africa
  4. Why Elon Musk’s Starlink promise to provide affordable and accessible internet connection may not work in Africa?
  5. How GNSS & Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) fight the spread of COVID-19
  6. The challenges faced by the African satellite industry in the registration of Space objects.
  7. The policy tools to address cybersecurity in the African Space Industry.
  8. Explore the role of media in bringing the space industry to everyday people towards achieving the Africa space program
  9. How Telemedicine is going to reduce the challenges on access to medical aid in Africa
  10. What is the possibility of a real estate market in Space?
  11. What are the methods of procuring satellite in Africa
  12. How Navigation & Positioning will impact the Africa space strategy?
  13. How AI and Satellite imagery will enhance solar installations in Nigeria?
  14. How this world’s largest-ever radio astronomy initiative is opening up a new horizon for Africans
  15. How satellite services played an essential role in mitigating the effect of the locust outbreak in East Africa
  16. What is the importance of satellite internet in education across rural Zululand?
  17. Why Kenya should not abandon its Longonot satellite station?