15-16 Dec., 2020: OSS Regional training on MISBAR services

VisioTerra supports the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) in the development of a platform called MISBAR (Monitoring Integrated Services for Best Assessment for natural Resources), dedicated to support the monitoring of seasonal agriculture and irrigation.

Mid december, with Africa EO Services, they delivered to the beneficiaries 2 days of training on MISBAR which v1.5 was just deployed. The Training was meant for Scientists. Another session is planned in February 2021 for Managers and Decision makers. 

The 1st session of the training went through the key points to know about the satellites (platforms, orbits and instruments), the products levels, the acquisition, the broadcast, presented the sensor of Sentinel-2 (HR) and Sentinel-1 (HR radar), the meteorological data and models from ECMWF and NASA, the Digital Elevation Models (SRTM, ASTER-GDEM, ALOS-World-3D, MERIT and Copernicus). 

The 2nd session introduced the MISBAR, concepts, data processing relay, the data centre that will be installed within the premises of OSS, and the applications. 

The 3rd session described the MISBAR interactive model for scientists, the image processing, and the "time-series" service. 

The 4th session was about applying the MISBAR to each countries involved in the G&A Project in Northern Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, and Tunisia (training region/plots): Rice cultivation, Monthly precipitations and vegetation (MSAVI) and soil moisture (NDWI-SM) indices, precipitation and vegetation indexes. 

The 5th and last session was about the presentation of current software developments and collection of specifications... 

More information

  • Mrs. Ouafae KARIM, Directrice of Africa EO Services, ouafae.karim[at]africa-eo-services.ma
  • Mr. Serge RIAZANOFF, Director of VisioTerra, serge.riazanoff[at]visioterra.fr
  • Mr. Adnane LABBACI, labbaciadnane[at]gmail.com
  • Mr. Mustapha MIMOUNI,  Remote Sensing Expert, OSS, mustapha.mimouni[at]oss.org.tn.

More about VisioTerra

Founded in May 2004, VisioTerra is an independant company specialized in Science Consulting for Earth Observation.  They notably: 

  • Developed VtWeb to enable citizen and scientists to access / process / display / share / export a wide range of free data available on the Web: Earth Observation / meteorological / climate / biogeophysical data. 
  • Collaborate with OSS in the framework of the G&A Programme .