AU has just put live its new learning management system

AU Learn offers knowledge and skills development opportunities to learners of the AU Commission and its Organs. However, learners from the continent can access training content linked to AU wide capacity building programmes, projects and initiatives.

AU Learn training catalogue proposes interesting sections which can support consortia activities with regards to their activities.
  • Communication
  • IT
  • Management
  • Programme Management

More specifically
  • 16. Nov. -11. Dec. 2020 (Online tutored) Effective Communication Skills: This course is designed for learners interested in developing their interpersonal skills and become more persuasive and credible communicators within a variety of settings. Furthermore, the program will expose participants to a range of strategies, practical tools, and proven technique to enhance the impact of their communication. English -
  • 23. Nov. - 04. Dec. 20 (Online tutored): Delivering Service Excellence: The training will cover the essentials of customer service techniques to enable participants to identify their clients’ needs and maintain high level of service delivery -
  • 27. Nov. - 01. Dec. 20 (Online tutored): Innovating AU for Agenda 2063: This programme will expose participants to new and innovative approaches to accelerate a successful implementation of Agenda 2063. In concrete terms it will equip decision makers, strategic planners and policy researchers with essential skills to make strategic long-term decisions so that they can deal with rapid and complex changes both continentally and internationally -
  • 30. Nov. - 10. Dec. 20 (Online Tutored) Emerging Leaders Programme: This programme is aimed at building the leadership capacity of young professionals. Moreover, it is aimed at unleashing the leadership potential of those who aspire to lead, through building strategic intelligence at the early stages of their careers, enabling them to be comfortable in uncertainty, and make effective strategic decisions about their future, and future of those around them -
  • No dates, eLearning toolkit (online self-paced): The eLearning toolkit provides information, templates and many other resources relevant for eLearning -

GMES and Africa also is currently deploying a distance learning platform, the DLP, which is devised to offer specialized trainings. More