AUC launches a call for baseline studies on the four Space Segments of the African Space Strategy

While developing space science and technology is paramount, so are the services that these technologies seek to provide to the end users. Hence, the African Union Commission is calling for expertise to conduct studies in the four domain focus areas of the African Space Strategy.    

The Studies will measure through a mapping exercise how the livelihoods of the population have been improved. They will target the four Space Segments and the Space Socioeconomic Benefits, and as such contribute to the Establishment and Operationalization of the African Space Agency, the Development of the African Outer Space Programme Data and Knowledge Management Database, and the Identification of Space Collaboration Niches with Continental and International Partners. 

The 4 baseline studies will focus on:
  1. The Study on Academia in Earth Observation domain, to determine the existing platforms to train and deploy human and infrastructural capacities;
  2. The Baseline Study on Satellite Communications, to contribute to increase the knowledge on the SatCom in Africa but also to provide some ideas on the way to move forward;
  3. The Study on Astronomy and Space Sciences, to fill the gap of lack of updated documentation on the landscape of the astronomy and space science;
  4. The Study on Socio-Economic Benefit of Space in Africa,  to evaluate and qualify the socio-economic benefits of space technologies and related activities to Africans across various application sectors and all socioeconomic sectors.

The foreseen team of Experts should be composed of an Earth Observation Expert, an Astronomy Expert, a Space Science Expert, a Satellite Communication Expert, an Expert in Law and regulation, and a Junior Economist Statistician.