GMES & Africa in collaboration with JRC and EUMETSAT organized two online trainings on the eStations

The main goal of the Training is to prepare the staff of the Institutions that have eStation 2.0 application to install and maintain the systems, to perform visualization and analysis as well as generation of maps and graphs on the available datasets.

Maintenance of the eStation (23-24 November 2020)

  • Present the structure and functioning of the MESA Station.
  • Introduce the eStation 2.0 application[1] as core software component of the MESA Station.
  • Demonstrate the Software installation, update and configuration.
  • Illustrate how to perform the diagnostic on the Stations.
  • Describe the most common issues that can occur on the system and the corrective actions.
  • Indicate how the Helpdesk can be activated in case of Hardware/Software anomalies.
Expected Outcomes
  1. Participants have a clear understanding on the eStation architecture and accompanying software installation
  2. System administrators gain understanding and confidence to troubleshoot common problems on eStation by themselves.

Feedback from Trainees 

Usage of the eStation (26-27 November 2020)

Topics covered 
  • Overview of the eStation and its services (data acquisition, ingestion, processing)
  • Presentation of the EO datasets hosted on the eStation.
  • Access to the application (locally or online): Users definitions and roles.
  • Creating and customizing a Map.
  • Creation and usage of Legends.
  • Creating and customizing a graph
  • Managing maps and graphs into Workspaces.
  • Layers upload and management
  • Presentation and discussion on specific Case Studies

Expected Outcomes

  1. Thematicians gain understanding on eStation services and selection of data.
  2. Thematicians gain knowledge on the different versions of the eStation software, with practical applications of the online version.
  3. Thematicians gain understanding in customizing maps and graphs.

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The eStation is an EO processing and visualization server, visible at: and