10 & 11 June, High-Level Europe-Africa Forum on Earth Observation from Space

This Ministerial Conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal. It was an initiative of the Portuguese Presidency, the African Union Commission, the European Commission, the European Space Agency, the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), the Portuguese Space Agency and the AIR Centre.
Updated 15/07/2021

Hugo Costa, the Director of the Portuguese Space Agency and the GMES and Africa Coordinator, the Dr. OUATTARA, opened the Conference.

Dr Ouattara said that the 2-day meeting was a great opportunity and a fabulous and hopeful moment for the Europe and Africa. 14 years after the 2nd EU-Africa Summit, which was the starting point for cooperation between the two continents in the area of earth observation, saw the birth of the GMES Process and Africa, Africa and Europe have strategically cogitated on new areas of intervention, priority technologies for cooperation in Earth observation in the context of the new space and meeting the challenges of the African digital transformation towards sustainable socio-economic development.

Many thrilling topics were addressed:
  • First day: the challenges of EO, to which extent EO can contribute to evidence-based decision-making, the knowledge platforms, the future of EO, the Capacity Building challenges, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in downstream applications.
  • Second day: the Challenges and opportunities for Africa & Europe in terms of Space and Earth Observation, the African & European Earth Observation Initiatives, an evolving Roadmap for enhancing the EU-Africa cooperation in satellite-based Earth Observation, the conclusions and recommendations.

During the event, “The Lisbon Manifesto on Earth Observation for Africa and Europe” was signed. The manifesto provides for reinforcing cooperation in this area as an essential tool for the digital and environmental transitions and fostering scientific, technological and business cooperation between Africa and Europe with the aim of developing earth observation satellites.
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