10 June 2021: WEkEO Online Webinar n.9 — Land Applications in WEkEO

The "Land applications in WEkEO" webinar is the ninth of twelve, during which all the resources available in the WEkEO platform, both for beginners and expert users, are showcased by leading experts.

This Webinar follows two previous webinars and a Training Session dedicated to the land theme. The participants will learn how to develop advanced applications using Copernicus & Sentinel data in the WEkEO cloud computing platform. Users will also receive an overview of the many other applications enabled by WEkEO.

The event will include:

  • An introductory part on the uniqueness of WEkEO for the development of Land applications.
  • A live demo that will showcase how to extract complex information using WEkEO's IT infrastructure.

Like its precursors, the Webinar will be recorded and made available on the WEkEO YouTube Channel, together with other video material.

Leading Experts in Earth Observation applications and WEkEO User Support specialists will be at the disposal of the participants to facilitate the exchanges and answer questions.

A certificate of attendance will be issued after the event.



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