The first Inter-agency meeting on the development of Space Climate Observatory held in Paris

The first inter-agency meeting on the development of the Space Climate Observatory (SCO) was held during the symposium on Aeronautics and Space Applications for Health in Paris at the headquarters of France National Center for Space Studies (CNES).

The African Union Commission was represented at this meeting by Dr. Tidiane Ouattara, Space Science Expert and the GMES and Africa Programme Coordinator at the Commission.

At the meeting, participants discussed the founding document of the SCO and a preliminary draft agreement, with a view to collectively building up an international SCO and to take timely decisions leading to the signing of an agreement.

The experiences of various institutions in Climate Change impact assessment as well as in Climate Change Service, Satellite-based Disaster Early Warning Systems and Climate Change impact indicators were shared during the meeting.

The initiative to create a Space Climate Observatory (SCO) as a key contribution to monitoring climate change and its social impacts was endorsed during the session of the One Planet Summit on 12 December 2017.