Digital Earth releases its last newsletter

The Digital Earth program has continued its activities the past last months, despite the challenge imposed by the CoViD-19 and limitations on travel. It adapted to the new virtual environment. Discover how.

The DE newsletter in French 


Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) provides a routine, reliable and operational service that will enable African nations to track changes across their countries and the continent in unprecedented detail, and to provide insights on a wide range of issues, including flooding, droughts, soil and coastal erosion, agriculture, forest cover, land use and land cover change, water availability and quality, and changes to human settlements.  
DE Africa leverages technology and services developed in Australia (implemented as Digital Earth  Australia) to deliver a continental-scale platform and programme that democratizes the capacity to process and analyse satellite data. Routine decision-ready products and services will be made available in a model analogous to the operation of a weather service. 
A key component of the DE Africa mission is to work closely with the AfriGEO community, and to be responsive to the information needs, challenges and priorities of the African continent.