The GMES and AFRICA Support Programme participates in the TEANGEO 2018

In the setting of TeanGeo 2018 conference, held in Tunis from 26 to 28 September 2018, GMES & Africa Support Programme participated in the event in order to raise awareness about the Support Programme in North Africa and to improve the collaboration with the different North African Remote Sensing Centers.  

Unlike the predecessor projects (PUMA, AMESD and MESA) which focused on sub-Saharan Africa, GMES and Africa Support Program is opening up to a geographic extension of the activities to North Africa. Thus, as part of the awareness raising actions of GMES and Africa Support Programme, the key expert in charge of Water and Natural Resources (from the Technical Assistance Team) has been mandated by the Coordinator of the Support Programme to participate in the 2nd international conference (called TeanGeo 2018) of the Regional Center for Remote Sensing of North Africa States (CRTEAN). The conference was held in ALECSO halls in Tunis, Tunisia from 26 to 28 September 2018.  

CRTEAN is among the key players of the region in the field of Remote Sensing and one of the partners of the GMES and Africa Consortia, led by the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS), which will be in charge of the development of EO applications related to the Water and Natural Resources service in North Africa. The TeanGeo 2018 Conference offered participants an ideal opportunity to learn about recent advances, likely future developments and potential research avenues. It provided them also with a forum to exchange scientific ideas and avail their experiences in the Geospatial Science & Technology field.  

Group photo of TEANGEO 2018
Group photo of TEANGEO2018 

From the participation in the TeanGeo 2018, it turns out that the GMES & Africa Support Programme is not enough visible in the North Africa region. Therefore, it was the opportunity to raise awareness about it among the community of researchers and professionals, who participated in the conference. Moreover, additional visibility actions will be undertaken by the AUC with the support of the granted North African Consortia, OSS and NARSS, in order to better improve the visibility of the Support Programme in North Africa region. 

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The GMES and Africa Support Programme (GMES and AFRICA) is jointly financed by the African Union Commission and European Commission. It uses Earth Observation and Space technologies to generate information and services for sustainable development of African people and sustainable environmental management on land and marine resources.  

GMES and Africa aimed at improving African policy-makers' and planners' capacities to design, implement, and monitor national, regional and continental policies and to promote sustainable management of natural resources through the use of Earth Observation data and derived information.  

A successor Programme of the Monitoring for Environment and Security in Africa (MESA), the GMES and Africa Support Programme presents several key innovations: For the first time, with the inclusion of the north African countries, the Programme is pan African. It is totally managed by the African Union Commission. It will promote the broadcast of Sentinel data (Copernicus Programme). It will include the African private sector and national/regional academia.  

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