Apply now for the Farming by Satellite Prize 2020

How can we use Satellite Technologies to improve Agriculture and reduce Environmental Impact? An initiative of the European GNSS Agency and the European Environment Agency, the Farming by Satellite Prize will reward young innovators including African young innovators exploring the use of satellite technologies to improve agriculture and reduce environmental impact.

The use of satellite technologies in agriculture is becoming increasingly important for enabling more sustainable farming practices and reducing environmental impact. Farming by Satellite is designed to encourage young farmers in Europe and Africa to create new sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions using Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus.

The objectives of this contest are to increase the usage of Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus in the agricultural sectors of Europe and Africa, as well as the increased awareness of the benefits these EU Space Programmes provide toward fostering innovative and sustainable farming solutions. In doing so, the contest aims to increase the understanding of the possibilities to use multiple or all three of the programmes within a single solution. 

The Challenge

The aim of the contest is to create a new sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture solution, using Galileo, EGNOS and/or Copernicus. Solutions must demonstrate their novel approach to the use of satellite data for farming, while ensuring that their technical feasibility is accurate and will have a maximal impact on the farming industry. 

Farming by Satellite is an idea competition. The solution must be presented and demonstrated through a written submission and a pitch deck, which will be used for the evaluation of each solution. No technically developed application is required, although the technical feasibility of the idea should be demonstrated. 

Participation in the contest is open to young farmers, young academics and young professionals, below the age of 32 at the time of the application submission deadline. Three (3) prizes will be given to EU teams and one (1) prize, the ‘Special Africa Prize’, will be given to a team including at least one (1) African resident/citizen. For full eligibility criteria, including residency/citizenship requirements, please read here or below.  

The Special Africa Prize  is  €1,000. The expenses to participate in the final stage of the competition, and the Award Ceremony are also paid.

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