Some GIS-based resources to follow the COVID-19 outbreak in Africa and the World

The AUC offers various resources to inform about the situation and also to follow the outbreak. Discover them and the ones of other third parties

The AUC publishes Regular press briefings about the CoViD: and has set in early March a CoViD surveillance dashboard:  

Other GIS based monitoring tools are also available and some of them uses facilities offered by the Africa geoportal (GIS data stored in a database created and hosted on ArcGIS Online). They give a global idea of the Africa CoViD 19 responses:

The African CDC dashboard encompasses data from all 55 African Union Member States (data are from official Regional Collaborating Centre and Member State reports).

The RCMRD's CoViD 19 opendatahub displays how the corona virus spreads across the 20 Member States.

The dashboards for Algeria, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South-Africa, Tunisia, show this spread at the countries level. Some Community Made dashboards are developed for Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal.

Overall, The University Johns Hopkins website remains a reference.