[2020-10-07] MODIS NDVI and FAPAR 1km products available through the online JRC eStation

In order to ensure continuity of analysis of vegetation condition status with the eStation, and in view of the end of operations of PROBAV, some MODIS Products have been made available by JRC eStation Team on their online platform... 

The JRC eStation online platform: https://estation.jrc.ec.europa.eu/eStation2/
  • MODIS NDVI at 1km, and related anomalies (zNDVI and NDVId) from the BOKU University (https://boku.ac.at/en/)
  • MODIS Fapar at 1km, long‑term statistics (min, max, avg) and z‑score anomaly from JRC E.1 ‑ Unit as in GDO (Global Drought Observatory) tool (https://edo.jrc.ec.europa.eu/gdo)

The JRC eStation Team actively follows the transition from PROBAV to Sentinel‑3 in order integrate the CGLS products on the eStation, both online and on the platforms installed in Africa.

Interested visitors are invited to register with the online version of the eStation, and to follow further communication on this channel.

Contacts for further information and guidance

The GMES and Africa Google group.
This Group has been set by the EU JRC. It allows you to be kept informed about the recent evolution of the eStation and to easily communicate to the JRC's developers and the The JRC eStation Team. 
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