Flash-back to November 24, the Launch of the EU4OceanObs Project

EU4OceanObs’ main objective is to increase the EU’s visibility as a leading global actor, and increase its influence in international decision-making bodies related to the collection and use of global ocean observations. 

The Project is implemented by Mercator ocean International (MOi). EU4OceanObs has 2 vis-à-vis: the Geo Blue Planet (the Ocean Component of Geo) and the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS). 

By working with GEO Blue Planet, EU4OceanObs targets the international initiatives for sustained oceans and on behalf of the European Commission, to further integrate and promote European activities in this domain.

Since the G&A participation in the Copernicus Blue Book, MOi reveals itself as a very active partner and support of GMES and Africa. The non-profit company helps technically two on the four G&A Consortia in the development or implementation of their services. 

In September 2020, the G&A Programme Management Unit and MOi jointly organized a weblive on the opportunities that mobile technologies represent for marine applications based on Earth Observation.