Seize opportunities to start: the Copernicus Start-up Programme

Designed to promote start-up creation and growth in the downstream sector, the Copernicus Start-up Programme accompanies start-ups from the generation of a business idea to its full commercialisation.

The programme consists of four components: the Copernicus Prizes (Masters), the Copernicus Accelerator, the Copernicus Incubation Programme and the Copernicus AppCamps:
  • The Copernicus Prizes support the generation of new business ideas and are awarded in the context of the Copernicus Masters competition. For more information, visit the Copernicus Masters website.
  • The Copernicus Accelerator aims to speed up the uptake of Copernicus by fostering the development of innovative commercial space applications and products. It offers a unique coaching service to help start-ups turning their groundbreaking ideas into commercialized solutions. For more information, visit the Copernicus Accelerator website.
  • The Copernicus Incubation Programme supports the most innovative and commercially-promising business applications based on Copernicus data and services. To obtain funding to finance your incubation, visit the Copernicus Incubation Programme to learn more about the different opportunities it offers.
  • The Copernicus Hackathons are sprint-like events in which computer programmers and subject-experts collaborate intensively to develop software, based on Copernicus data and services in response to global problems (e.g. climate change, public health). For more information visit the Hackathon website.

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