South Africa designs satellite engineering training

The SCS Aerospace Group is based in South Africa and was founded in 2008. In response to the increasing need for space technology for commercial, government and social benefit, the Group has designed Satellite engineering training in three programmes.
  •  A 2-week Introductory Course, for managers who want to oversee a space programme or develop the space knowledge of their team. It's also great for engineers who want to explore the basic concepts before diving into the deep end.  
  • An Immersive Programme, for individuals and teams that want advanced theoretical training and practical experience on an actual space project.
  •  A Facilities Enhancement Programme, designed for those who want to build their own space laboratory and ground infrastructure. It'll also help you explore the development of applications for your satellite data.

 Launch of PakTES-1A. Image credit: Xinhua

For more information:
Training Brochure is available here