Discover 10 grantees of the Airbus BizLab #Africa4Future accelerator programme

The 2019 finalists - all from the private or informal sectors - cover various african countries and field of interest for the G&A Consortia, notably in terms of EO, usages of drones, farming, water management, instant messaging, etc.

Lentera Limited (Kenya) - applies remote sensors to monitor and transmit environmental data to enable more efficient and smarter farming.
Map Action (Mali) - - has developed a solution offering real-time online urban mapping to identify problems affecting water supplies, hygiene and sanitation.
MobiTech Water Solutions (Kenya) - - offers an online real-time water monitoring solution that allows businesses, homes and water-service providers to manage their available water using an app-based dashboard and instant messaging.
Track Your Build (Nigeria) – - offers a novel infrastructure management tool for construction and operations.

#Africa4Future is a joint business accelerator initiative of Airbus and GIZ’s Make-IT in Africa initiative together with the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), a non-profit seed fund and pan-African organisation that brings together startups, entrepreneurs and the tech community, and Innocircle, the South African-based innovation consultancy.

The programme aims to encourage and support entrepreneurship in Africa. The continent’s young and increasingly techno-savvy population is likely to be the driving force behind Africa’s socio-economic development. The competition identifies Africa’s own pool of talented entrepreneurs using innovative aerospace based solutions to tackle the continent’s most pressing challenges such as transportation, agriculture and healthcare.

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