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This will help you to get a comprehensive round-up and be kept posted of technical updates, issues and changes to Eumetsat data, products, services and instrument notably with the Copernicus User bulletin, the Eumetcast bulletin, the Datacentre bulletin and the Training bulletin.

In particular, since Feb. 2019, there is a rool-out of new Eumetccast client Software (Tellicast), EKU hardware and drivers.

New Eumetcast packages are available of FTP and will also be distributed on EumetCAST:

EUMETCast client

The EUMETCast client version 2.14.5 is compatible with current and older EKU drivers. Therefore, it is recommended for users to upgrade to the latest EUMETCast client version.

Users can decide to keep the existing version running, in order to avoid any interruption. However, EUMETSAT will only provide support for the latest client version. If problems are reported, in the first instance EUMETSAT will ask users to upgrade to the latest client version.

EKU drivers

The new drivers are compatible with all types of EKUs. If users decide to stay with the old drivers, the upgrade must be applied, at the latest, when replacing the EKU with a new type.

DVDs with the new packages are under preparation for new users.

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