Save the date! 9-12 July 2020 online Africa-Europe Youth Meet-Up, Shaping our future together

A youth consultation on the road to the African-European Summit!  Launched in October 2018, the AUxEU Youth Cooperation Hub is where African & European Youth THINK and ACT TOGETHER for turning ideas into reality. As core drivers: €10 million, civil society organisations, and 42 Young Experts from both continents.

The Hub is a multi-stakeholder initiative seeking to test new approaches to common challenges facing the AU & EU.

The young experts will contribute to defining the scope of pilot projects in 6 clusters (Business; Culture Sports & Arts, Education, Environment, Governance; Peace & Security), to be implemented by civil society organisations, and monitor their implementation.

The initiatives to be piloted are expected to meet four characteristics:
  • Have the potential to bring Europe & Africa closer,
  • Be people-centred,
  • Be visible,
  • Have the potential of being scalable after the pilot phase, should they prove successful.

The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub is a multi-stakeholder platform, seeking to build bridges with a common objective of positive social impact. 


The AUxEU Youth Cooperation Hub is an initiative of the Africa-EU Partnership that strives to bring Africa and Europe closer together through strengthening economic cooperation and promoting sustainable development, with both continents co-existing in peace, security, democracy, prosperity, solidarity and human dignity. 
Against this backdrop, the two partners are determined to work together on a strategic, long-term footing to develop a shared vision for EU-Africa relations in a globalised world. Their common interests include issues such as climate change, global security and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).