GMES and Africa holds on line training on the Socio-economic Valuation of Degraded lands and wetlands

After two online training in August on Land Productivity Analysis (10-14 August 2020) and Wetlands Vulnerability Analysis (17-21 August 2020), the RCMDR delivered on 24-28 August 2020 the last opus of its GMES series of courses.
The training delivered in August was implemented by GEO-MIK Consultant Africa ( and ESIPPS ( This last one was delivered by Geospatial Research International.

This training programme focuses on the building of capacity on the implementation of socio economic valuation of degraded lands and wetlands using an EO-based tool. 

The tools and services developed by RCMRD are aimed to support decision making on the management, conservation and/or restoration of degraded ecosystems at country level, and the developed information products are meant to support policy intervention at regional and national level towards wetlands monitoring. 

One of the specific objectives is to develop EO based methodology of wetlands monitoring analysis in relation to the multitemporal data processing for the Service Area of Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment.

This Service is tailor-made targeted at key sector representatives from 10 participating members States under the GMES and Africa RCMRD Program.

More about the RCMRD led G&A Project: