Save the date: 18-19/08, Joint JRC/CSSTE workshop on Monitoring and forecasting droughts and floods and their potential impacts

In the context of the EU-AU administrative arrangement related to the GMES and Africa project and the task of the EU Joint Research Centre to support the african partners, the JRC team in charge will organize a workshop the week 18-19 August on 'Monitoring and forecasting droughts and floods in Africa and their potential impacts'. 

This workshop was initially requested by the GMES and Africa CSSTE consortium. Because of the pandemic situation, the workshop will be organized via a teleconference allowing all the African partners of GMES and Africa Projects to participate. 

For questions or to participate in the workshop
Christophe Lavaysse, christophe.lavaysse[at] 

About GMES, and Africa; The ARCSSTE

The Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and Africa (GMES & Africa) initiative is the crystallization of the longstanding cooperation between Africa and Europe in the area of space science & technology, which is one of the key priorities of the long-term EU-Africa Joint Strategy. 
12 Consortia are financed by the Programme under a grant scheme, to develop EO-based applications supporting the decision making processes in the fields of terrestrial (Land and Water) and marine resources (Ocean and Coastal). The African regional centre for Space Science and Technology Education - English - ARCSSTE, leads one of them and deals with Flood management.  

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