ICPAC Launches East Africa Hazards Watch

A regional public multi-hazards monitoring system to track and monitor drought, climate change, pests, heavy rainfall, floods, or crop failures, that was designed to facilitate access to risk information in the region

The system was developed by a team of Programmers, Climate Scientists, Earth Observation and Systems specialists, as well as Marketing, Design Thinking and sectoral experts to meet the growing need of Risk Information due to increasing climate extremes.

About 90% of the disasters in East Africa are due to weather, climate hazards, leaving the region to be one of the most vulnerable to extreme events. Considering the high dependency of the economic systems in the region on natural resources, the impacts of weather and climate extremes have far-reaching socioeconomic consequences. To protect the population against these hazards and to support the resilience of the local communities, there is a dire need for efficient early warning systems and actionable information for decision making. The East Africa Hazards Watch was developed to fill this gap... More.

The first public African system of its kind, the platform is continuously iterated based on User feedback. It was developed in Africa for Africa and is built on Open Source platforms to ensure sustainability and continued customization. The system supports integrating multiple Data sources to provide a seamless user experience in finding risk information for the region.