The call for Proposal of Projects

The Open Call for Proposals was structured in 2 lots for the 2 Services: Lot 1 – Water and Natural Resources Service, and Lot 2 – Marine and Coastal Resources Service.

The development of Guidelines for Applicants was performed in agreement with the European Commission, which explained the purpose of the Call for Proposals, the rules regarding the eligibility of applicants and partners, the Service/s and costs which were eligible for financing, and the evaluation criteria.

The Grant scheme and the Call for Proposal Process was introduced to the RICs during a phase of preparation of several months, which included visits to the 5 African's regions (see the Grant Information Meetings). During those meetings the PMU and AUC informed and met potential bidders, which were invited to apply in their respective regions according to the policy priorities defined by their regions' countries through their RECs and other Regional Organizations as the case may be.

The Call for proposal was launched on 23 May 2017 and all the proposals received by end of September.

All documents were to be submitted at one stage (Concept Note and full Application Proposal). In the first instance, only the Concept Notes were evaluated. Thereafter, for applicants whose Concept Notes were pre-selected, an evaluation of the full proposal was carried out. Further to the evaluation of the full proposals, an eligibility check was performed for those RICs that were provisionally selected. This check was undertaken on the basis of the supporting documents requested by AUC as the Contracting Authority and the signed "Declaration by the Applicant" sent together with the application.

13 Consortia were selected, approximately two per economic subgrouping, and awarded during an official ceremony that happened in Abidjan on the 28th of November 2018.

After the awarding in Nov. 2017, the PMU and AUC performed a due diligence process to ascertain the operational and technical readiness of the Consortia.

The contracts were signed in mid-2018.


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