AARSE 2018 Conference proceedings to be published under the Series: Southern Space Studies

The African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE) and SPRINGER have agreed to publish AARSE 2018 Conference proceedings under the Series: Southern Space Studies.

The AARSE 2018 Authors are kindly invited to submit their papers following the instructions of the guidelines for Authors of Proceedings (point 2 "Preparation of Papers").

The copyright form, as mentioned under point 3, will be signed by authors after the paper is reviewed and accepted for publication.

The deadline for submission of paper is March 31, 2019.

More information

Dr Souleye WADE, AARSE Communications Manager, wadesouleye[at]yahoo.fr


The primary aim of AARSE is to increase the awareness of African governments and their institutions, the private sector and the society at large, about the empowering and enhancing benefits of developing, applying and utilizing responsibly, the products and services of Earth Observation Systems and Geo-information Technology.

About the Southern Space Studies

The Southern Space Studies present space trends, market evolutions, policy, strategies and regulations and their facing social, economic and political challenges of space-related activities in Southern regions of the world like Africa, Australia, and Latin America. Getting inside information from these emerging space-faring countries is nowadays pivotal to establish good and efficient cooperation mechanisms. The series provides transdisciplinary information for a fruitful development of space activities in those countries and in cooperation with established space-faring nations and should become the reference compilation for space activities in these areas. Books are available in hard or electronic formats. Annette Froehlich is The Series Editor.