EO services value chain

In its Survey of the State & Health of the European EO Services Industry, EARSC proposes a simple scheme to understand the VA chain from the operator to the end-users.



The EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies is a membership-based non profit organisation which coordinates and promotes activities of European companies engaged in delivering Earth Observation geo-information services. EARSC's key goal is to promote the industry and to help to develop the market for EO services. EARSC is representing EO providers of geo-information services in its broadest sense creating a network between industry, decision makers and users and covering the full EO value chain from data acquisition through processing, fusion, analysis to final geo-information products and services. EARSC currently has around 130 members and the network contains all the leading European suppliers of EO data and value-added products as well as many small and micro-enterprises.

More information http://earsc.org