Positioning GMES & Africa in the Heart of the African Water Basin initiatives

From 30 Sept. to 3 Oct., the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) organized its 11th general assembly in Marrakech, concurrently with the International Summit on Water Security. The GMES and Africa Program was invited.


Organized under the high patronage of His Highness the King of Morocco, this unprecedented event attracted high-level political representatives with strong ministerial participation.

The GMES and Africa Programme was invited to participate in the H2020 AfriAlliance Project's Innovative Solutions Transfer Workshop, which presented innovative solutions (financial, educational engineering and governance) to address climate change in Africa.

Over 2 days, five sessions successively presented and discussed the topics of integrated water and energy management for food security and rural development, the challenges of adapting water to climate change at the scale of river basins, knowledge, innovation and information sharing in the field of water, water diplomacy, international and cross-border cooperation for water security, and the financing of water security.

The Programme Coordinator and the Technical Assistance Leader met with the Representative of the Nile Basin Authority, Prof. Seifeldin Hamad Abdalla, the President of the World Water Council, Mr. Loïc Fauchon, and the Executive Secretary of OSS, Mr. Khatim Kherraz.


Monday 30 December
Workshop for the transfer of innovative solutions of the AfriAlliance project on Water and Climate

Presentation of G&A by Dr Ouattara during the workshop on the transfer of innovative solutions

Workshop on the Cooperation Topic, the 9th World Water Forum – Meeting with INBO’s regional networks

This session gathers, around the INBO regional networks' facilitators, several types of stakeholders interested in the Cooperation topic selected among the 4 main priorities of the 9th World Water Forum (Dakar, 2021). This topic covers not only conflict prevention, but also promotion of cooperation, and common tools:

Tuesday 1st October

Official opening ceremony
High-level ministerial session on water security

Session N° 1: "IWRM" : Integrated water and energy management for food security and rural development

The high level panel

Session N° 2: "Climate" : The challenges of adapting water to climate change in river basins

Session N° 4: "cooperation": Hydro-diplomacy, international and transboundary cooperation for water security

The intervention of the Executive Secretary of OSS

Session N° 5: "Funding of water security"

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