Copernicus Observer: Monitoring soil moisture from space with Copernicus

Monitoring soil moisture is becoming a very important tool for predicting and monitoring possible disasters. For example, one of the key factors that influenced the recent bushfire crisis in Australia was a severe drought. The fires fed off high temperatures and low soil moisture.

In a post published on 20 Feb 2020 on the Copernicus site, Copernicus Observer shows the various ways to measure the soil moisture, the interest of microwave techniques - and If you don't want to analyse all these data by yourself, from where to download near-real time soil moisture information.

The post also indicates the bio-geophysical products that can be used to monitor vegetation, water cycle, the energy budget and the terrestrial cryosphere.

Also see how time series and anomalies issued from regular monitoring systems can help, for example to anticipate the impacts of droughts on crop production, to estimate availability of water for society and industry, or to spot anomalies…