Discover the GMES and Africa WeMAST Project

On the 28th of November 2017, the GMES and Africa Support Programme, awarded thirteen consortia across all African economic regions with grants, making GMES a truly pan Africa initiative. A consortium led by SASSCAL was amongst the recipients for the WeMAST (Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment) proposal.

The WeMAST project will design and develop an integrated platform for wetland assessment and monitoring that will support the sustainable management of selected transboundary river basins. The platform to be developed will integrate existing data products and tools to implement a sustainable wetland management system, by drawing on the experience from the SASSCAL-led consortium, partners and other key stakeholders across regional, national and local institutions.

WeMAST will focus on transboundary river basins in southern Africa, with special emphasis on the Cuvelai Basin, Okavango River Basin, the Limpopo River Basin, and the Zambezi River Basin.

The GMES and Africa SASSCAL WeMAST Project


The GMES and Africa Support Programme is an Earth Observation programme of the African Union jointly financed with the European Union, and designed to strengthen capacities in Africa for the optimal exploitation and utilisation of Earth Observation systems, data and technologies towards the continent’s sustainable development. Through a grant scheme, the Programme supports 12 African Consortia i.e. 2-3 in each of the AUC African regions, developing EO based applications for natural resources management; see below:  

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