The GMES and Africa awards scholarships for five students

The GMES and Africa award scholarships for five students to pursue MSc. degrees in Coastal Zone Management and Climate Change and Sustainable Development Programme at the University of Ghana. The five students are committed to making an impact on the marine and coastal areas using Earth Observation Data in West Africa.

The University of Ghana’s Regional Marine Center is the lead institution for the GMES and Africa consortium in West Africa comprising the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research, Centre Universitaire de Recherche d'Application en Télédétection of Cote d’Ivoire (CURAT), Institut de Recherches Halieutiques et Océanologiques du Bénin, Centre for Oceanographic Research of Dakar-Thiaroye in Senegal, Ghana Meteorological Agency, National Institute for Fisheries Development of Cape Verde, and Wetlands International Africa, based in Senegal.

The University of Ghana consortium is working towards consolidating within the West Africa region EO marine services developed under the Monitoring for Environment and Security in Africa (MESA) initiative. It is committed to enhancing the capacities of regional and national institutions to utilize EO services. The consortium also hopes to establish a collaborative network among national, regional, and relevant continental institutions to more easily access data for the coastal and marine environment.

The daily SMS alerts dispatched by the University of Ghana daily to the fishers before they embark on their voyage are an essential source of safety information for many coastal communities and artisanal fishermen who hitherto depended on traditional knowledge of forecasting. The use of flags to complement SMS alerts is widely embraced in many fish landing sites. This is an innovative way of using technology to disseminate EO-derived information for public safety and maximize the potential for fisherfolk to exploit the natural resources and economic opportunities offered by the sea.

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