During CoVID lockdown, NafCoast organized two online training to Project partners

The intrusion of the CoViD shook the whole world and perturbed to large extent the G&A Support Programme planning for 2020, including the ones of the Consortia. To mitigate this situation, like elsewhere, the PMU and Consortia decided to promote virtual training and meetings. Here two examples with NAfCoast

The training on the Detection of Potential Fishing Zone was hold on 13-15 April 2020. The object was to  highlight how EO technologies can estimate and map Potential Fishing Zones (PFZ) over Northern marine coast of Africa. Monitoring PFZ is essentially based on mapping the changes in the marine parameters such as sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a which are detected using Sentinel 3 and MODIS satellite data.

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The Training on Oil Spill Monitoring was hold from 7-9 April 2020. Oil spill is considered one of the serious marine pollution problem in the Mediterranean Sea. The training helped the participants to understand how to map and identify oil spill from Sentinel 1 satellite SAR data and to be able to monitor such spill frequently.

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The Nafcoast Project 
A GMES and Africa funded Project (Grants), NAfCOAST is aiming at developing an Earth Observation operational tools for coastal ecosystems mapping, monitoring and assessment of the north African countries based on time series information.

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