Discover the GMES and Africa marine and coastal Project in Western Africa

Through a grant scheme and thanks to AU and EU funding, the GMES and Africa Support Programme finances 12 African Consortia developing EO based applications for natural resources management. In Western Africa the Consortium led by the University of Ghana deals with Marine and Coastal applications. Discover what they perform...  

The home page links will connect you to a brief about the Consortium, resources, news and events and also to regular observations and forecasts (bulletins), i.e. products that have been imagined, designed, developed by the Consortium's Team, through a value chain from data to products, and are now shared free of charge with the community of users and practice.

Below a mapping of the site of the UoG led Consortium.  



The GMES and Africa Support Programme is an Earth Observation programme of the African Union jointly financed with the European Union, and designed to strengthen capacities in Africa for the optimal exploitation and utilisation of Earth Observation systems, data and technologies towards the continent’s sustainable development. The grant scheme supports 2-3 consortia in each of the AUC African regions; see below:  

More information about the G&A Consortia