SpaceHubs Africa is willing to build the African space ecosystem

The founder, co founder, and team members, of SpaceHubs have a vision, to empower Africans to develop space-based solutions for the development of their communities; an objective fully shared by the AU/EU GMES and Africa Support Programme with the funding of 12 projects.  

They fixed themselves a mission: to build a community of African space enthusiasts and further develop the wider African space ecosystem. To do so, they provide a platform for users to engage with the wider African space community, connect with each other, collaborate on space projects, form teams, and build space companies and several other solutions.  

They provide a platform for Africans to get involved in space, giving them the tools and resources to learn about space and space technologies, connect and collaborate locally and online, start and run a space start-up.

They recruit talented team members. Their site proposes online mentoring and training, to gain access to investors, to participate in innovation challenges and to identify incubation and acceleration programs.