Enhancing Access and Usage of Earth Observations in Environmental Decision-Making

Paper report on a recently concluded (as of June 2019) NASA SERVIR-supported Applied Science Team project that contributed to the uptake of EO applications to inform decision-making in the Eastern and Southern Africa (E&SA) region, where ground-based EOs are sparse.

A screenshot of the cloud-based instance of RCMRD's Early Warning Explorer (EWX), implemented and maintained by the RCMRD.

This project was conducted in close collaboration with the Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) which is the NASA SERVIR regional hub in the E&SA region.

The project focused on: (1) Transfer of technology—Transition and implementation of web-based tools to RCMRD to allow easy processing and visualization of EOs and (2) Capacity training—training of representatives from regional and national environmental service agencies in EO application based on targeted case studies.

The paper describes these capacity-building efforts, provide specific examples to demonstrate the benefits of those efforts in terms of enhanced uptake of EOs, and provide recommendations for furthering the uptake of EOs in the region and beyond.

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