GMES in Western Africa and the Youth

Being led by the University of Ghana, the G&A financed Project in Western Africa has bet on Youth. Several activities have been implemented to build the capacity of the next generation. Discover them with the April 2021 issue of the Regional marine Observer

  • Seven (7) MSc. Fellowship were awarded by the UG-GMES consortium. 
  • Two (2) Innovation Challenge competitions were organized to encourage individuals/start-ups and the private sector to develop products relevant to the sustainability of GMES & Africa initiative with in turn more than 30 startups, young freelance developers, media practitioners, animators, graphic designers, and artists, engaged.
  • Three (3) Open Source Clubs in partner countries were established to serve as a capacity-building avenue for students and practitioners to better equip themselves to exploit Earth observation data. encouraged and guided them to make use of open source in RS and Programming towards analysing Earth Observation data. 
  • Four (4) online Competitions were launched to celebrate the World Oceans Days 2020 & World Environment Day 2020 at the regional level. 
  • Two (2) Face to Face Regional trainings workshops were held in 2019 and Two online trainings in 2019 and two online trainings in 2020: use of Earth observation to enhance Fisheries management, coastal areas management,  usage of different satellite platforms, imaging sensors for coastal and marine applications, data analysis of optical, microwave and radar images as well as Automatic Identification System for fishing vessel monitoring. 

In May 2021 UoG will launch an incubation programme To support innovation in earth observation technologies to address coastal and marine issues in West Africa. 


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